A Pleasant Surprise On A Blind Date

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Alex Chance was a sexy bartender from Virginia. She learned about BeASCOREModel.com and applied.

Alex is at a cafe alone. She’s waiting for a blind date to arrive. Maybe he will be her voluptuous match. We hope so. We’d like to see how she treats the cock. Jack shows up and she spots him. They shake hands and kiss on the cheek. That’s good, for starters. “Wow, It’s great to put a face to the voice,” says Alex. “So you work with Samantha at the mall?” he asks. “Yes, I was so nervous when she said she’s setting us up. But I’m glad I’m here. Mind if I step away to go to the bathroom?”

While Alex excuses herself, he calls his matchmaker. “Samantha, we’re here. She’s in the bathroom. She’s cute. She’s on her way back. I’ll call you later.” Alex returns and takes her jacket off, showing great, big cleavage ready to fall out of her tight mini dress. If Jack plays his cards right, he’ll be sucking on those girls before the 11 o’clock news comes on. She digs him too so they head back to her place, park on the couch and dig into each other, ravenous for sex. Jack discovers he has possibly fucked up.

“Oh shit, do you have any condoms?” he asks. “I don’t want to use any condoms,” Alex tells him. “I want you to come inside my pussy.” “You really are the perfect girl for me,” Jack says, overjoyed. That was too close. He almost blew his shot with her. Now he can blow his shot deep into her pussy and watch as she pushes out the dripping goo out of her pink hole.